More musak August 30th 2021

It's been quite a few months but wowee there's so much music being released by us at Spaghetti tapes. Jeff's new band Undisclosed Location has released two collections of absolute butt kicking material while Jeff continues strong with his solo work. There's also a lovely release by Flowery Speech! Also big news is that Bridge of Flowers have released their second LP on ESP Disk. "A Soft Days Night" which you can pre order. Please stay safe and please get vaccinated. Treat others with kindness and most importantly buy Jeff's Art! Us at MORACE have stayed quiet for a while maybe we'll do something soon? I also released a single!

New Jeff Gallagher, Unfortunately

A new album? Heck yeah! Jeff is back with "Sings the songs of Huey Hues: app=desktop&v=uqlme-8XMmg v=LhtmtndBirw v=iTsQ75RG39k   go for ride why dont you. The whole country, before we gag on our own garbage  will be covered in highways. Give me the fastest route to schlop

Plants of the Bible 2019 and more  We got a new release here! Beautiful lo-fi dream pop release with such amazing vocals. Jeff is trying to get his live Instagram performances into MP3as and the new Bridge of Flowers album will be here soon! Be on the lookout on ESP disk!  In other news  Be safe - Bart Pepper

Tonalamotl 's/t'

 A release from one of our own. Troy Curry! Strange soundscapes from THE different world.  Stay safe out there, - Bart 

New releases: Toppus Bottomus and Bridge of Flowers Live!

Hot off the presses here at Spaghetti Tapes Improvised folk music The boys at their best some watching material Stay safe out there  - Bart 

New tunez

Starting off welcome to the blog of Spaghetti Tapes. Welcoming all submissions for music! The first release, under the new name, from Jeff Galagher is here. Stabbing Jeffword's self titled can be found here: Here is some other music I've been listening to Here's to a new a year, new hopes and strength for this to be better. - Bart Pepper